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When it comes to algorithmic trading, providing timely and vast quantities of market data is crucial. Analyzing market data, finding correlations and discovering trading opportunities has never been easier. Access simple API connectivity to a variety of consolidated and processed crypto market data. Built for algorithmic traders, application developers, and big data scientists, DataStreams provides access to:

  • Real time trades/ticks
  • Real-time L1/L2 Order Book
  • Candles
  • Technical Indicators
  • Indices
  • AI Predictive Models
  • News
  • Sentiment
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Any historical data point is just a click away. Access an advanced database of consolidated historical crypto data from 110+ exchanges and over 10,000 unique market pairs with coverage from 2013 and beyond.

  • A consolidated and normalized database of historical data
  • Access trade data, order books (quotes and L2), indices, OHLCV, sentiment, and technical indicators
  • Analyze, backtest and optimize your strategies
  • Access the historical database as a service
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A single API with all
the crypto data you need

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    Collecting live market data across a growing number of exchanges

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    Collecting live crypto market data, trade data, L1/L2 order books, candles, and technical indicators

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    Collecting live market data, news and sentiment

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    Currency Pairs

    Thousands of tradable currency pairs across exchanges

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    Custom market indices

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    Historical Data

    Analyze historical data from top exchanges with coverage since 2013.


  • DPP DataStreams

    Early access release
    August 2018

  • DPP DataStreams

    Service launch
    September 2018

  • DPP Platform

    Alpha release
    November 2018

  • DPP Historical

    Service launch
    Q1 2019

  • DPP Platform

    Beta release
    March 2019

  • DPP Platform

    Service launch
    May 2019

  • DPP TradeVenue
    DPP Coinvestor

    Service launch
    Q3 2019

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