Crypto trading the way it’s meant to be

Take control of the crypto market with the Digital Assets Power Play platform. Using our suite of revolutionary tools and advanced market data, anyone can trade like a pro. Create automated algorithmic strategies, discover new trading opportunities across crypto markets, and boost performance. DPP arrives in 2018.

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Unique information streams across crypto markets

Finally, traders have one platform with all the necessary market data and trading tools to navigate the volatility of today’s crypto market, so they can focus on what’s important - Boosting performance. DPP empowers new and seasoned crypto traders to take advantage of their knowledge and skills, eliminating human indecision from the trading process and optimizing trading strategies.

Infinite trading solutions on a single interface

When it comes to algorithmic trading, providing timely and vast quantities of market data is crucial. Analyzing market data, finding correlations, and discovering trading opportunities has never been easier.

  • 100+

    Trade across 100+ exchanges using a single interface

  • 20+

    Analyze historical data from over 20 exchanges

  • 4,000+

    Access over 4,000 different market pairs

  • 30+

    Use over 30 technical indicators for each available market pair

  • 1,600+

    Market sentiment and analytics for 1,600+ cryptocurrencies

  • 1,000+

    Live, personalized news streams from 1,000+ media outlets, including social media

Easily route trades

The DPP orderbook

Any markets using APIs

Market beating strategies with DragInDrop

With DragInDrop, you can create algorithmic trading strategies in an instance and use historical market data to backtest your strategies and gauge performance. It’s easy, intuitive and doesn’t require any prior programming experience. More advanced developers can directly edit strategies or connect to third party APIs. Finally, a solution where you can trade across any exchange through a single interface.

AI indicators enhancing your trading strategies

Collecting and processing large quantities of data is crucial to our business. At the core of the DPP platform is the groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) module, which will be offered as a service. Through machine learning, the AI module provides standard predictive models that forecast market prices and movement 15-30 minutes in advance. Identifying patterns, finding correlations, and discovering trading opportunities has never been easier. These predictive models will continuously train and improve with new data streams, updating users with 24/7 market predictions. Get the crypto market on you side and discover more trading opportunities than ever before.

Speed, security, and versatility.
The pillars of our platform.

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