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Digital Assets Power Play (DPP) is a provider of the most advanced algorithmic crypto trading platform and services on the market. Our aim is to empower crypto traders and allow anyone to trade like a pro using the power of algorithmic trading. The DPP Platform is an intuitive algorithmic strategy creator connecting traders to 14,000+ markets across more than 100 exchanges, along with access to comprehensive market overview features, data streaming, historical data, forward testing, portfolio management, and more. Enterprise-level data streaming and historical data services are also available with DPP DataStreams and DPP Historical.


  • Matej Ujevic

    Matej Ujevic


  • Nikola Jokic

    Nikola Jokic


  • Sasa Hunjak

    Sasa Hunjak


  • Milovan Pasini

    Milovan Pasini



  • Dino Pasalic

    Dino Pasalic

    Head of Marketing & Communications

  • Sinisa Maravic

    Sinisa Maravic

    Sales and Support Manager

  • Zlatko Anusic

    Zlatko Anusic

    Lead Software Architect

  • Vedran Krecl

    Vedran Krecl

    Senior Backend Developer

  • Marko Canadi

    Marko Canadi

    Algorithmic Trading Specialist

  • Davor Eric

    Davor Eric

    Lead Frontend Developer

  • Filip Kaic

    Filip Kaic

    Lead Smart Contract Developer

  • Boris Milovanovic

    Boris Milovanovic

    Hardware and Security Manager

  • Damir Vrsajkovic

    Damir Vrsajkovic

    Head of Business Development

  • Franjo Piskur

    Franjo Piskur

    Senior Software Architect

  • Filip Lasic

    Filip Lasic

    Senior Software Architect

  • Luka Kovac

    Luka Kovac

    IT Systems & Networking

  • Josip Krapac, PhD

    Josip Krapac, PhD

    Artificial Intelligence Consultant

  • Goran Rozic

    Goran Rozic


  • Petra Krizan

    Petra Krizan

    Senior Software Architect

  • Natalija Savcukov

    Natalija Savcukov

    Enterprise Sales

  • Kristijan Ujevic

    Kristijan Ujevic

    Smart Contract Developer

Advisors & Brand Ambassadors

  • Mate Naletilic

    Mate Naletilic

    Brand Ambassador (Europe)

  • Kwasi Asare

    Kwasi Asare

    Brand Ambassador (North America)

  • Deryck F. Graham

    Deryck F. Graham

    Business Development Advisor

  • Dennis Rukavina

    Dennis Rukavina

    Business Development Advisor

  • Mitja Pirc

    Mitja Pirc

    Business Strategy Advisor

  • Bojan Crnkovic

    Bojan Crnkovic

    Trading and Financial Advisor

  • Janko Flogel, PhD

    Janko Flogel, PhD

    Science Advisor

  • Antonio Novak

    Antonio Novak

    Data Scientist Consultant

  • Mihovil Zuzul

    Mihovil Zuzul

    User Education Advisor

  • Daniel Bara, PhD

    Daniel Bara, PhD

    GDPR Consultant