Initial Coin Offering details

DPP Token Contract


Fund distribution

Funds raised by crowdfunding will be distributed among development costs and the Operational Wallet for future trading and investments. Part of the tokens will be retained and used over time as a liquidity reserve or the Public Wallet.

The crowdsale will represent 25% of all DPP Tokens and will have two milestones, thus setting the minimum cap at USD $2.1 million (Ξ8,236) and maximum cap. at USD 5.1m (Ξ20,000). The first milestone represents funds that will be allocated for the development of the platform. The second milestone (between min and max cap) represents the investment that will be allocated to the Operational Wallet.

Digital asset appreciation from the Operational Wallet will feed operational costs, the Operational Wallet itself, and the Public Wallet. As such, we expect the Public Wallet to grow over time while enabling continued development of the platform based on community feedback.

Token distribution

The total amount of DPP Tokens will be 100,000,000. They will be distributed as follows:

Regardless of the total number of DPP Tokens, the token distribution will be as stated below.

Crowdsale Price 1DPP = Ξ0.0008, hence Ξ1 = 1,250DPP.

  • 18% Founders - Krypto Investment Partners
  • 8%
  • 4% Advisors
  • 8% Employees
  • 2% Bounty
  • 35% Public Wallet & Liquidity reserve
  • 25% Crowdsale

In the event that the full sale of DPP Tokens is not achieved, all remaining (unsold) tokens will be burned.

Token and wallet utilisation

Each stakeholder will have a corresponding wallet, enabling interaction with the platform and other stakeholders in the form of smart contracts that will be deployed on the platform.

Business plan

In last few months, digital assets have increased in value, but have also increased in volatility and turnover. As the Digital Assets Power Play platform will provide a service which is based on turnover rather than on the current price of a single cryptocurrency or token, our goal is to obtain up to 3-4% of turnover in a 36 month period (Chinese exchanges excluded).

Market share goals

Digital Assets Power Play will have the following revenue streams:

  • Platform utilisation - transaction fees
  • Public Wallet licensing fees
  • Operational Wallet performance
  • Marketplace revenue sharing

The platform will not only generate revenue for Digital Assets Power Play token holders, but also for other platform users:

  • Software developers will be able to accept job listings for strategy development and receive payments for their work, enabling them to list their building blocks on the marketplace or receive a boost towards their strategies from the Public Wallet.
  • Strategy developers will be able to list their strategies on the marketplace and gain investors and receive payments based on their performance and licensing fees.

All revenue streams and payments on the platform will be expressed and made in the platform’s own DPP Tokens. As such, DPP Tokens will not only represent participation in the value creation of the whole platform but will also become a means of value transfer between different stakeholders on the platform, performing a utility like function.



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