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$0 Available for registered users

  • Ticks/Trades 10 markets
  • Order Book L1 - Quotes 10 markets
  • Order Book L2 10 markets
  • Candles 10 Levels 10 markets
  • News10 currencies
  • Technical Indicators -
  • AI Predictive Models -
  • Indices 4
  • Support FAQ
  • WebSocket Connections 1


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from $1.70 daily*

  • Ticks/Trades 100 markets
  • Order Book L1 - Quotes 100 markets
  • Order Book L2 100 markets
  • Candles 10 Levels 100 markets
  • News & Sentiment10 currencies
  • Technical Indicators 8 predefined on one market
  • AI Predictive Models -
  • Indices 4
  • Support Email
  • WebSocket Connections 2

* Payable in DPP or ETH

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from $12.78 daily*

  • Ticks/Trades 1000 markets
  • Order Book L1 - Quotes 1000 markets
  • Order Book L2 1000 markets
  • Candles 10 Levels 1000 markets
  • News & Sentiment100 currencies
  • Technical Indicators 8 predefined on one market
  • AI Predictive Models -
  • Indices 4
  • Support Priority email
  • WebSocket Connections 10

* Payable in DPP or ETH

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  • Ticks/Trades 18534 markets
  • Order Book L1 - Quotes 18534 markets
  • Order Book L2 18534 markets
  • Candles 10 Levels Custom
  • News & SentimentCustom
  • Technical Indicators Custom
  • AI Predictive Models Custom
  • Indices Custom
  • Support SLA defined
  • WebSocket Connections 10+
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One API with all the crypto data you need

Algorithmic trading

Use DPP DataStreams for arbitrage, statistical arbitrage, market making, liquidity provision, or trend following strategies. Whether it’s proprietary or third-party applications applications, order management systems or portfolio risk management - our data has you covered.


Build advanced applications with simple access to crypto market data from a leading provider.

Big data science

Start building a historical market database. Stored market data can be used for backtesting, data analysis, discovering patterns, quant analysis, or designing AI predictive models.

Crypto portfolio valuation

Connect to DPP DataStreams and evaluate your crypto portfolios in real time through a single connection.

Exchange rate

Our data streams provide exchange rate as a volume weighted average across all currencies or pairs.


Quickly set-up charts for crypto markets by importing live candle streams into your charting tools.

Consolidated access to crypto market data

  • Access crypto market data from exchanges, media outlets and social media via a single API.

Raw and processed market data

  • Comprehensive live raw market data, including live buy and sell orders (ticks) and quotes (L1 & L2 order book) across multiple markets
  • Access processed market data including technical indicators, candles, indices, sentiment and AI predictive models
  • WebSocket connections remove limits on number of calls and ensuring live data streaming

Scalable platform and solution

  • Private cloud and networking for each user
  • Multiple WebSocket connections available
  • Easily scalable to hundreds of exchanges, thousands of currencies and markets, as well as media and social media outlets for the news streams
  • Query data streams per WebSocket connection
  • Platform currently streams over 3,000 market data updates / second

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